Zee Bangla

Zee Bangla

Zee Bangla, Zee's second regional Zee channel, was launched in September 1999. This channel seeks to identify and meet the needs of the Bengali community and is most responsive to their needs. The channel'sprogramming mis comprises most popular daily soaps in the prime band, Bengal - focused news and an extensive movie library with the best selection of titles.

Programs though mostly contemporary, reflect the Bengali ethos keeping audience preferences in mind. With a strong local essence and the right mix of aspiration, education, information and entertainment, the versatility of our programming mix ensures that there is something for everybody.

Celebration of various socio-religious days, important in Bengali life, is ensured through the creation of innovative properties, such as festival and event specific fillers. Activity oriented programmes and events keep Zee Bangla always in the news and constantly in direct contact with the viewers.

Zee Bangla at a Glance

West Bengal is the third largest state in India, in terms of population Bangla, the regional language of West Bengal is third most spoken language in India , Zee Banglahas the top rated Bangla serial 'Ek Akasher Niche' which has ranked no.1 for the last 126 weeks